Steel strap 

Steel strap is usually used for heavy loads packing, because it ensures safe loads transportation. Fastening with steel strap is oldest and strongest packing solution. These days there are some areas left, where product properties and packing specifications can not be changed with new more advanced and cheaper alternatives. There are several ways of producing steel strap, from its surface threatening to width and thickness.

Main strap measurements:

Width (mm): 13; 16; 19; 25; 32;

Thickness (mm): 0,5; 0,6; 0,7; 0,8; 1,0;

Depending on surface threatening, strap is classified to: nonthreatened, painter, painted and varnished , anodized and galvanized surface.

Strap varnishing is used for easier sliding while fastening bundle and making better traction with tensioners.

For the strongest fastening, it is used special metal buckles.

Steel strapping tape is mostly used to fasten metal coils, pipes, various constructions, various wire coils, concrete formworks and bricks.