With more and more attention to packing and appearance in market, product’s packing with shrinkable film is getting popular very fast. Transparent film gives better appearance for and lets customers to have a better look without ripping up the package. In addition – it is one of the cheapest group packaging solutions. Depending on product and package purpose, there are automatic and semi-automatic packing machines.



These models are used to meet increasing practical and effective packing needs. Instead of limited packing sizes, this tool can be applied to meet in any packing sphere. These machines are suitable for work with thermo-shrinking film such as PVC or POF (polyvinyl chloride or polyolefin) films.

Operator put product between two layers of film and push them inside, after that they close the cover manually. In both sides there is a heating wire that cuts the film and forms the package. Inside of the machine hot air stream circulates around and film shrinks around the product by its forms. This type of machines also can be used for producing bags.


L sealer

These models have been conceived to be used when more automation is required. L shrinking machine seals open film sides as a result of making all side closed package. Then with help of conveyor product is being transported inside the shrink tunnel, where hot air stream shrinks the film around product. In semi-automatic machines the only thing the operator has just to do is to insert the product into the film and to move it onto the sealing area and manually change the cycle. Then the rest of the working cycle (sealing, product removal and transfer inside the shrink tunnel) happens automatically. Automatic machines work without operator’s intervention.

auto L sealer


This type of shrink tunnels covers up product as a bundle. Depending on packing type, after shrinking the product sides can be open or with help of rollers built-in after the shrink tunnel, film sides can be pressed to product.


Manual sleeve wrappers – used to wrap single (individual) products or small groups. Perfect for bottles, vases, jars, pots, cans, phials, and cases – to shelter boxes integrating and/or replacing the use of carton boxes at end-of-line with great management advantages.

termotunelis airuslita

Semi-automatic sleeve wrappers – used to wrap big size (volume) products. With this type of shrink tunnels two film rolls are usually used together. It works in a very simple way: operator, pushes the products from the loading area towards the sealing area. While pushing, product is being wrapped with film and sealing-bar cuts and seals the film. At this point the wrapped product enters the tunnel for shrinking. This type of shrinking tunnels just like fully automatic sleeve-wrappers packs different size and group products.

auto termo tunelis

Fully automatic sleeve wrappers – the main difference is that packing lines work without operator.