Main function of these seals – join polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) strapping tape for fastening or grouping loads. Seals are usually produces two types: perforated and flat. Perforated surface lets to avoid strap to slip out of the lock and gives join bigger firmness. Usually used to tighten small or light loads, where very strong fastening is not necessary. Seals are being pressed up with help of manual tool.

metalo sagtys

To tighten steel straps, special seals are used to achieve maximum strength. Depending on package, type of steel strap and used tool, there is an opportunity to choose between open, semi-closed or closed type seals. These seals are used with manual ant pneumatic tools.



Main buckle’s function – to join polypropylene (PP) or polyester (PET) strap for fastening or grouping loads. Because of its special form, after spearing the strapping tape, it tightens when fastening and ensures strong join. Buckles are mostly used, where firmness and cargo stability is needed. Wire buckles are suitable for packing wood’s, construction’s  and other products. That is the best solution, where additional good’s fastening with strap is needed. Universal manual tensioner can be used for fastening, by using these buckles.

plastikinė sagtis


Plastic buckles are used to join polypropylene (PP) and soft polyester (Bale ) strap (also called “textile strap,  bailing tape or bale press strap”). Usually they are used there, where steel seals and wire buckles can not be used (or not necessary), and very hard tightening is not needed. Strap’s fastening is usually being performed by hands.  This is perfect solution, where packages are being checked with metal detectors.