If there is need to protect and store product for longer period, shrink film is usually used. This type of packing provides advantages while transporting goods for a long distance or while goods stored in unfavorable conditions. This is advantage for storing in outdoor conditions, for quick inspection if goods were damaged and sometimes to identify theft.

When packing with this tool, there are no restrictions for measurements of goods. Tool adapts to any type and form of package, and it is suitable for various purposes.

Ripack 3000

This tool is manual and mobile. It works without any source of electricity and weighs only 1,2 kg. In addition, it can be used not only outdoors but also indoors.


It can shrink pallet with dimensions 1000 x 1200 x 1500 mm, in less than 2 minutes. Tool is easy to use, so training or prepare in advance is not needed.

For more comfortable work, tool can be offered with additional trolley for propane gas cylinder and various extension wands.



Turbopack – mobile shrinking equipment, that consists of heating column mounted on a trolley pushed by the operator. By pushing the trolley around the product covered with shrink film, achieving fast and even shrinking.


Turbopack advantages:

Independent and mobile – this equipment can be transported to any place of factory or warehouse, without moving unstable and unpacked products. It is only 140 cm of distance is needed from packable product.

Economic – with one standard propane gas cylinder, more than 60 Euro pallets can be shrink-wrapped.

Universal – there are no length and width limitation. It can pack cargos up to 240 cm of height (with optional upper side shrink-wrapping reflector up to 220 cm). Hot air flow is adjustable from 120 to (220 cm) 240 cm.

Safe – safety device automatically cuts off supplying of gas and automatically stops the combustion when the trigger is released.

Fast – it is only 60 seconds needed for one Euro pallet.

Bag making tool – Multicover

While working with manual Ripack tool or using Turbopack, it is comfortable to have a tool, that make bags out of shrink film half-sleeve or sleeve. With tool already bought, there will be no need to store various of bags or make them by using uncomfortable method. Multicover will meet all your requirements.

Multicover 960

Heat production device – RIPAFLAM

Ripaflam color&NB

Ripaflam  – heat production device that is running on gas. This model can be integrated into active automatic lines, where burning, warming, heating and drying is needed. Heating beginning, and end, is managed by automatic devices. It can work both with LPG and natural gas flow.

This tool is suitable:

  • Heating products before painting and after processing.
  • Warming plastic pars
  • Round off plastic products
  • Shrink products with shrink film
  • Other situations, where steady and shifting (variable) heating is needed.