PP strap

Polypropylene (PP) strap – one of the most popular and economic strap. It is used to bond kind a lightweight packages and fasten loads. Strap is being made rough or smooth, some of them can be made with overprint, prevails wide range of colors, presented with various of widths and thickness.

  • Most common strap measurements:
  • Width (mm): from 5 to 19
  • Thickness (mm): from 0.45 to 1.0
  • Colors: white, black, other colors by special order, overprint available as well
  • Inner diameter (ID) 150mm; 200mm; 406mm;

This product has a high breaking resistance, but it is tensile enough and when stretched out it almost not shrinks back. What is little known for customers, that this film has a possibility to lose some tightness after first hour after packing, and can extend in hot temperature (over 50 ˚C). On the other hand, it is easy, strong, easily used product, that is resistant for moisture, non-corrosive, 100% recyclable and packages looks aesthetic.

Depending on type of application this strap can be used with manual tools (battery, pneumatic or mechanical) or automatic and semiautomatic machines. For fastening with manual tensioners it is mostly used special buckles.