PET strap

Polyester (PET) strap

PET juosta (002)

PET strap successfully replacing previous used steel strap in most of the industries. This is the strongest plastic product for strapping. This strap benefits in comparison with steel strap:

  • 3,5 times lighter in comparison with steel strap;
  • Less expensive;
  • Non-metallic material and therefore non-corrosive;
  • Much safer than steel, less safety hazards;
  • Good retained tension even loads move or shrink;
  • Resists to high degree environmental influences;

Polyester (PET) strap is two times stronger than polypropylene (PP) strap. Depending on what kind of strapping machines will be used: manual or automatic PET strapping machines, strap can be chosen between plain or embossed.

Mostly used strap dimensions:

Width (mm): from 12 to 32;

Thickness (mm): from 0.5 to 1.2

Colors: green, other according to special order, overprint available.

Bale press strap

This type of strap is being produced out of polyester or viscose yarn, covered with special mass. Because this tape cannot be melted, for fastening is used wire buckles and its strength can be higher than steel strap. Bale press strap has a higher elongation than other tapes. They are perfect for packing goods, that will go long distances. This strapping tape is also very popular in waste strapping process.

tekstilinė PET juosta

Depending on every type of strap, for fastening with manual tensioners it is mostly used special buckles.