pustas politilenas


This universal material uses in construction sphere – various stiches, joints isolation. Thanks to isolating characteristics, it holds on heat, sound, water, steam and air. As well PE foam has resistance to chemical materials. PE foam is also used to protect many different products. Especially it is very suitable to pack solid and fragile products because of very good protection for hard furniture surfaces from scratches and impact absorption.

PE foam with one adhesive side is usually used for flooring, as it has good resistance against humidity and aging.

lipnus pustas PE

In addition, PE foam is excellent protection for other product packaging. It reduces the risk of goods getting scratched, elasticity allows to wrap various forms, fragile objects. Also it is suitable to protect glass, sensitive, metal, plastic materials, wooden elements, things covered with aluminum, nickel, chrome.

PE foam is also used in combination with other materials, like bubble film. Read more in page about combined PE foam + bubble.