Paper, corrugated cardboard

Corrugated carton boxes are being produced in various thickness – 3, 5 or 7 layers and various colors – brown, white, white/brown. Printing is also available.

Spec. purpose: suitable for freezing, resistant for crushing, moisture, with cuts for more comfortable carrying and ventilation, they have special openings, covers.

For cardboard box packing we can offer wide specter of adhesive tapes and special tools for box and other cardboard product assembly.

spec susegejai

We can supply wide range of products made from corrugated carton (leaflet, bended, pre-cut, sheets). As well supplying two layer corrugated carton rolls in 1 or 1.5 m width, length in roll – 100m.

kartono rulonai

Where corrugated carton is not sturdy enough, for packaging and package reinforcement we alternatively can offer honeycomb carton.

korinis kartonas



Paper – widespread use of packaging material in various industries. Can be used as wrapping material, or as sheets for products separation.

We offer various kind of paper in rolls or already sliced:

  • Kraft paper (80gr/m);
  • Semi parchment (50gr/m);
  • Newspaper paper (45gr/m);
  • (Silky) Tissue-paper (22gr/m);
  • Impregnated (anti corrosive, paraffined and etc.);



Depending on type, rolls width varies from 60 cm up to 180 cm. rolls weight – from 30 kg up to 500 kg.