Net for pallets

To achieve any production requirements, for packing products that are sensitive to condensate and humidity, we can offer a solution. Net is perfect alternative to stretch film. It is not so sensitive to sharp pallet edges and products covered with net can easily desiccate, breath and avoid condensate caused by changings of temperature. Main characteristics, why pallet nets is a good choice for sensitive products:

  • Ensure air circulation;
  • Fastens product (strengthens the product);
  • Ensures safe transportation;
  • Suitable for packing not only by hands, but also by machines.

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Mostly packed products with nets:

  • Fruits, vegetables, berries, mushrooms;
  • Fast freezing products
  • Flower seedlings;
  • Straw rolls;
  • Briquettes, firewood and wood.

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Material: PE

Width: 500 mm

Length: from 500 to 3500 m

Elasticity: stiff or elastic