Orbital wrapping machines are mostly used for long, big sized products or bundles wrapping, where speed and high-quality packing is needed.

Machines, depending on its size are created to wrap: pipes, cornices, aluminum profiles, blinds, roller blinds, window sills, plinths, boards, furniture, doors, wooden plates, windows and other big size products.

And automatic and semi-automatic models are grouped by wrapping product height and width, to securely fit through rotating ring cavity. Their inner ring diameter can be (cm): 50; 90; 125; 160; 200; 250.


Machines can wrap with one or two rolls. For packing, stretch film, wrapping paper or both can be used at the same time. In semi-automatic models, products are pushed by hands and machine is started manually by hand or foot pedal.

Neleo 50_working

On automatic models, product is transported via motorized rollers or by belt conveyor. To stabilize product, additional side vertical rollers  and top presser, can be installed.


With help of additional equipment, full, all side covering can be made with polyethylene or bubble film.

Helios 125 standard

For various frames, window frames, wire or hose coils, other hollow coils and tire wrapping, we are offering special construction rotary machines. On semi-automatic models, product is being rotated by hands. On automatic model, product is being rotated by help of motorized rollers.

Artemis 50 automatica doble mesa