Automatic “Stretch“ film is usually used with semi-automatic or automatic pallet wrapping machines and lines, where fast work and advanced packaging of goods needed. “Stretch” film is usually adapted to possibilities of devices and products specifications, depending on, if this wrapping machine is vertical or horizontal, high wrapping speed or hard tightening needed and etc. Depending on technical characteristics, these parameters can be selected:

  • Film’s thickness: from 9 to 35 micron thickness
  • Film’s pre-stretch ratio:
  1. 100% – for standard, semi-automatic machines with mechanical or electromagnetic brake.
  2. 150% – for semi-automatic machines with option to stretch film up to 150% and where different dimensions or/and sharp materials are packed on the same pallet.
  3. 250% – high productivity “Stretch” film designed for high quality semi-automatic and automatic machines, designed for vertical and horizontal wrapping machines.
  4. 300% and more – especially high stretching packing film, designed to reach optimal economy using new generation machines.
  5. Already pre-stretched film: from 6 to 10 microns thickness. This film has only 20-60% of tension and it is usually used on standard semi-automatic machines with mechanical or electromagnetic brake.
  • Film width: from 100 mm to 500 mm;
  • Paper core: 38 mm, 51 mm, 76 mm, or coreless.
  • Color: transparent, black, white, customized.
  • Additional options: UV stabilization, other side adhesion, both adhesive sides.
  • Special film, certificated for contact with food.

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For products to protect from condensation, where during transportation or / and storing ventilation is required, best alternative – perforated “Stretch” film.


„Stretch“ tinklas