Rankinės Stretch laikiklis

Hand roll stretch film – the easiest packing solution. For protecting arms from cuts and for more comfortable wrapping, there is a possibility to choose several types of holders.

In order to provide exclusivity, manufacturers are introducing to the market more and more innovations by creating huge specter of stretch films types and dimensions that can be applied depending on every customer’s needs:

  • Stretch film: from 9 to 35 microns thickness
  • Pre-stretched film: from 6 to 10 microns thickness
  • Film’s width: from 100mm to 500mm
  • Color: transparent, black, white, customized.
  • Additional options: UV stabilization, other side adhesion, both adhesive sides.
  • Special film, certificated for contact with food.

mini stretch

To group of stretch films as well assigned cling film for food wrapping.