Edge protectors

Edge protectors are used to optimal secure your products. For special product corner protection, we are supplying these goods:

  • Cardboard edge protectors
  • Layout out of corrugated carton
  • PE foam profiles
  • Plastic A form triangles for corner protection
  • Plastic edge protectors for strapping

Almost every product, can be ordered in depending on individual demand in different measurements.

Cardboard edge protectors    

  • Length: from 40 to 6000 mm
  • Width: from 30 to 100 mm
  • Thickness: from 1 to 10 mm
  • Material: pressed cardboard

Cardboard edge protectors – ideal solution for product corners protection and boxes stabilization. Various measurement securing edge protectors are being produced by clients wishes and needs. If client wants to find the best protecting solution, we are making examples and advising individually.

Cardboard edge protectors are protecting goods (products) from possible damage while transporting or storing. They are helping to avoid unnecessary expenses, that can be caused by damaged goods.

Cardboard edge protectors can be used:  

Vertically, to protect product edges

vertikaliai, apsaugant produkto kraštus:

For packing to prevent from damage.

apsaugoti nuo pažeidimų, ir pakuoti

To strengthen corrugated carton boxes inserting edge protectors into the box, as a result of providing higher load tolerance and stability.

kartoninių dėžių kampams sutvirtinti. Įdėjus kartoninius kampus dėžė tampa atsparesnė apkrovai ir stabilesnė

To protect goods from deformation when strap used.

apsaugoti produktus nuo pakavimo juostos slėgio

To protect round products. By packing this way, goods are keeping their dimensions and sides are being protected from damaging.

apsaugoti nekampuotus produktus. Prekė išlaiko savo matmenis ir jos kraštai apsaugomi nuo pažeidimų

To pack products vertically and horizontally. This way, product is secured from all sides.  

kartoniniais kampais galima pakuoti produktus tiek vertikaliai, tiek horizontaliai. Taip produktas yra apsaugomas itin patikimai

To protect round and nonstandard form products are used bended edge protectors that perfectly adapts to product’s forms.

apvalūs kampai

For doors, windows and other narrow products are used U form edge protectors.


Honeycomb cartoon is getting more and more popular in product protecting solutions.

Layouts out of (corrugated) carton

In search of the cheapest protection or if client want to pack nonstandard product, considering customers demand, we can develop special made workpieces from corrugated carton.

PE foam profiles

Protective profiles (PE foam profiles) are the best solution, when product needs not only protection from scratches or strapping tape pressure, but to protect from hard impacts. Also, PE foam is more reliable than cardboard edge protectors, especially for sensitive products and when product cannot be scratched. Various forms and sizes (permanent or residue-free removable adhesive, U form for 3 side protection, spacers and presplit units, etc.) with easy separation that fit to adapt to most complicated client requirements. This is one of the most effective protection product for windows, glass and furniture industry.

Plastic “A” shape protective corners and plastic corners for use under the strapping tape

Exactly like cardboard edge protectors, with plastic edge protectors it is focused on client to optimally secure their goods. Stable, solid L form plastic protectors are suitable to protect goods from possible damage caused by strapping tape, while “A” shape protectors are protecting furniture and another vulnerable corner deformation. By using this type of technology, problems can be solved immediately.

Plastic protectors are used with other packing techniques to attain that angular element would be properly fixed and let the cargo to be safely transported. This combination allows us to do service without any outside obstacles. This is one of the simplest  constructions, for successful goods delivery.