Bubble film allows to protect goods while transporting. During production time, layer of bubbles is being formed and it is suitable for packing products, that are fragile, easily breakable and non-resistant to impacts. Very often, bubble film is used in furniture, wood, metal and other spheres of industry. Client can choose various types of bubble film by his requirements.

Bubble film can be produced two or three layers, with antistatic or UV stabilization. From it we can make not only simple, but also antistatic bags and fit them to securing envelope producing. In addition, there is special bubble film for greenhouses. Film can be used with special machines.



Neleo 125 + burbulinė plėvelė

Special news – bubble film with one adhesive side and black bubble film.

Are you not finding the solution how to effectively protect your products? Our crew will help you to choose right void space filling machine.



Combined PE foam

Combined PE foam consist of 2 components. Options can be various: bubble film and PE foam; bubble film combined with paper; bubble film combined  with aluminum; PE foam glued with paper; PE foam glued with aluminum; PE foam glued with HDPE or LDPE films.