Depending on individual customer needs, we are offering wide assortment of bags with different dimensions. From wide usage ZIP-LOCK bags, to specially for client made shrink bags with perforation and overprint.

Our assortment:

  • Plastic bags;
  • Bags with euro holes
  • Sealable envelopes
  • Adhesive envelopes
  • Secure transportation envelopes (with bubble linear inside)
  • Bags with print
  • Bags with handles (T-Shirt)
  • “Breathing” bags
  • Perforated bags
  • Vacuum bags
  • Shrink bags.

Bags are being grouped by:

  • Raw material: LDPE, MDPE, HDPE, POF, PP;
  • Thickness: from 8 to 200 microns;
  • Appearance: transparent, white, black, another spec. color, printed, perforation, euro hang, handles.
  • Purpose: protection, advertisement, weighing, vacuuming, garbage sorting, product shrinking bags, etc.
  • requirements: protection from UV rays, antistatic, with bubble film, bio-degradable, bags with ties, shrinkable, with moisture and air barriers, etc.;
  • Mixed: polypropylene bags with LDPE polyethylene bag linear, paper bags with LDPE linear, bubble film bags with HDPE film insert, etc.



Big Bags are also assigned to bags.


Depending on packing product, there is a possibility to choose between wide choice of bags:

  • Woven PP bags made from flat or round thread;
  • With one, two or four loops;
  • Suitable for contact with food;
  • With or without LDPE polyethylene linear;
  • Seamless or standard bags;
  • Fully open, with valve on top or/and bottom;
  • With an opportunity of print;
  • Suitable for multiple time use and fully recyclable.