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Strapping devices with metal tape

We have a wide range of devices for tensioning and joining steel tape.

Hand strapping machines:

metal band tighteningTensioning device with rib cutting function. The device is designed to work with a metal tape without metal buckles. The tape is fastened with punching holes in it. It is designed for tying flat surfaces — boxes, bricks, wood products, things, pallets, etc. It is suitable for working with a metal strip 13-20 mm wide and 0.4-0.63 mm thick

Stretching device and stapler for working with metal buckles. 

It is designed for packing rounded products, industrial packaging, most often using a bundle of metal tape with a metal buckle. This bundle is strong and reliable. One device tightens the tape, the other clamps the buckle. Tools to choose from are adapted for metal bands of any width. A description of the corresponding buckles is here .

Pneumatic binding devices

If you want to mechanize production, we offer productive, powerful, reliable and easy-to-use pneumatic belt binding machines. Wonderful fit where there is the possibility of using air lines, or if you want to speed up the packaging process. We offer manual and pneumatic binding systems, both with trimming tape without locks, and combined. Combination — this is if one device performs tension, and another — the lock of the lock. There are also advanced devices that perform both tensioning and locking the lock.


Our managers will help you choose the device that best suits your needs. Our contacts are here .

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