Various films sealing machines

With our ambition to satisfy any, even very specific, client demands, we can offer specialized machines for individual needs. There we are offering main packing machines. If you cannot find the right one, that meets your needs, feel free to contact us and together we will find the right solution.

Automatic horizontal pillow/flow-pack wrapping machine “UNIQUE”


UNIQUE – one of the most universal pillow/flow–pack wrapping machines in the world, that can pack any product that do not exceed the specified measurements. It can be bread, meet products or half-finished products, chocolate, cookies, soap, bandage, small parts and many other products.

This machine made to adapt to vertical and horizontal forms, so it lets customer to pack various measurement products. This machine is synchronized with the operator. The loading of the product automatically activates the film unwinding and its forward moving and bagging. It is not the operator to run after the machine, but the machine adapting itself to the operator.

horizontali maiseliu

Automatic vertical pillow/flow-pack wrapping machine

Dibiflow – the smallest pillow/flow-pack wrapping machine on the market! It has been conceived for the high-speed realization of pillow-pack packaging in very small spaces. Dibiflow – a very convenient and reliable solution for every needs of single-dose packing. Packing speed – to 80 pcs/min. It is perfect for the packaging of bread, cakes, biscuits, chocolate and much more!



Bagging (packing into bags) machine “SPEEDBAG EV”


Speedbag EV – Ideal for wrapping and mailing newspapers and magazines, catalogues and wholesale publications, manuals and any commercial printed materials, in single or multipack. Half-automatic and easy to use machine do not require any additional operator’s knowledge. The only thing the operator has to do is simply to feed products vertically into the machine and then machine whole machine cycle performs automatically. The size of a bag is adapted by photocell senses, so bag is being produced accurately by product’s measurements.

SPEEDBAG pakuote

Bagging (packing into bags) machine “SPEEDBAG HS”

Speedbag HS – fully automatic high performance packing line, ideal for wrapping newspapers and magazines, catalogues and wholesale publications, manuals and any commercial printed matters, but also books, cards, CDs, DVDs, VHS and so on.


Product’s wrapping machine “MAGIC SKIN”



Magic skin – semi-automatic machine, for package production. All it needs to do for operator – to put product on cardboard and to turn on working mode. Machine will do all the work automatically (film’s heating, wrapping onto the product, air suction and coming back to the beginning for a new cycle), all it need to do is to take off already made package. In addition this machine is suitable for thermoforming.


When there are more but different products already wrapped, we can offer special cutting machines for separating them.


Blister packing machines

Blister package – in advance made packaged by product’s forms. This type of packages are being mostly used in pharmacy, food and small but wide usage goods packing. One of the most well know examples – pills package. Product is being put into already made forms, and for the back of package is usually used paper, aluminum or plastic which is being glued or sealed. By using airtight sealing type, blister package perfectly protects products from outside (external) factor like humidity or pollution. With this type packing product stays longer.

With opaque blister package, products are being protected from light and ultraviolet rays.


Blister packing machine “SKIN-BLISS”


This machine is for skin-wrap or blister package producing. Touch screen allows customer to select desired programs. There is an opportunity to select different programs depending on film’s specifications and product’s characteristics.

airuslita blister

 Stretch film food wrapper “Magika”


This machine is for wrapping different food products onto trays with food “stretch” film. It is fast and comfortable packing type, all it needs is to put the product onto the machine’s working table and lower the lid. The machine will wrap product in couple of seconds. Operator do not have to have any specific knowledge or have a training. Easy and fast work, minimal investment, flexibility, quality and efficiency, high productivity.

The ideal solution for: supermarkets, stores, butchers, delicatessens, bakeries – fast foods, hospitals, hotels, meat processors, seafood processor, fruits and vegetables suppliers, sandwich producers, pasta and pizza, etc.

magika 2