Table sealing tools

Impulse sealing tools

Simple and comfortable, but firm table sealing tools – for personal and professional use. All models can be equipped with fixed work-table and/or unrolling device for comfortable film unwinding. All tools can work with PE/PP film (2 x 150 micron thickness). In addition, all models can be made from stainless steel.

Models TS-200 / TS-300 / TS-400 / TS-500

The length of sealing arm, depends on the name of sealing tool – 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 mm. Table sealers equipped with 2 mm width sealing wire and time switch. Time is being set depending on thickness of film, to reach appropriate sealing without burning the film.

TS 210

In picture- model TS-210.

Models TS-210 / TS-310 / TS-410 / TS-510

The length of sealing arm, depends on the name of sealing tool – 200 / 300 / 400 / 500 mm. These tools are similar to TS (with 2 mm width sealing wire and time switch), but in the upper lever it has built-in cutting knife, for making bags or cutting off excess material. Film is being sealed when lever is pushed down, and time is being set depending on thickness of film.

Impulse magnet table sealers


Models TMS-200 / TMS-300 / TMS-400 / TMS-500

These table sealers differ from TS series, that they are equipped with magnet operation. The magnet keeps the sealing arm closed during the sealing and cooling cycle, making operators work easier. After the welding cycle, the sealing arm opens automatically. This machine can also be supplied with the Teflon-coated cutting wire or the cutting device, in addition they are being equipped with other accessories.

TMS su priedais

In picture – model with working table, safety knife and unrolling device.

Industrial table sealers “SUPER MAGNET SEALERS”

Industrial sealing tools “SUPER MAGNET SEALERS” (“SMS”) – robust, long lasting, high quality made in Holland devices. All tools can work with PE/PP and other sealable films, whit thickness – 2 x 150 micron. The magnet based operation means that operator need only to close the seal arm. After the seal is made, the arm is automatically raised again by the sealer itself. Process takes only couple of seconds. With this high-quality industrial sealer, in combination with the various accessories available, you will be able to find a solution for all your packaging needs. Optional tool can be selected with foot pedal, with 4mm or 8mm wide seal, with or without work table. The SMS does exactly what you would expect: it seals your packages quickly and effectively as you need. Individually adjustable sealing and cooling timers ensure stable and high sealing quality.

SMS – 350 / 500 / 700 / 1000 / 1200 / 1400 (1200 and 1400 without cutting knife)


In Picture standard SMS – 350 model with safety knife. Can be equipped with work table and film unrolling device

All Super Magnet Sealers are standard equipped with: On/Off switch, adjustable sealing timer, adjustable cooling timer, 4mm wide seal, cut-off safety knife-system, magnet operation.  (SMS – 1200 and 1400 has no cut-off knife)

Optionally, more equipment can be used with this magnetic table sealer:

  • Work table adjustable in 4 positions, with adjusting strip if desired;
  • Film unrolling device;
  • Mechanical foot pedal, suitable for all models and can be mounted on left or right side;
  • Chute holder, made from stainless steel, for comfortable loose product packaging;

RVS-SMS – 350 / 500 / 700 / 1000 / 1200 / 1400


This is standard SMS tool, made from stainless steel. This model made for work in sterile environment, suitable for pharmacy, food packing industry.

Other SMS tool versions:

SMS – D2 – is designed as a standard machine, but equipped with upper and lower heating jaws. There is an on/off switch for the upper heating jaw. This machine is specially designed for sealing thick LDPE foils, aluminium foils, paper bags with a coating or PE inner bag and other materials that are difficult to seal.


SMS – PN – is designed as a standard machine and operating the foot pedal will close the sealing arm, after which the sealing cycle will start. As a result, your hands remain free to properly position the bag to be sealed, if necessary.


SMS – GW – has all functions as standard model, just instead of 4 mm of width sealing wire, there is integrated 0,7 mm  green teflonised wire for sealing and cutting in one action. This machine comes with a film’s opener, film perforator. In combination with the hot air blower, it allows you to shrink-wrap your products with PVC and PP thermo films


SMS – Twin – is designed as a standard machine, but equipped with 2 seals of 4mm behind each other, for extra safety. The distance between both sealing wires is 20mm.


For all models, there are available many additional accessories and machines can be fixed on adjustable height industry tables or specially made tables.


Photo – SMS model with adjustable 4 position working table, with sliding support for products, chute stand and two filling chutes.

Super Magnet Packer-500 (SMP-500) –  has a bigger sealing arm opening (185 mm) and a longer filling chute. There is manually operated or pneumatic model with electrically-operated foot pedal


Continuous Heat Sealers


Continuous Heat Sealers are very well-suited for closing large numbers of bags or very long products at high speed. These machines are of a high quality technically, allowing them to perform well in almost any situation. This type of sealing acts in many automatic machines, but we are also offering smaller table top or manual sealing tools. All Continuous Heat Sealer models can be mounted on a stand, allowing the bags to be fed in quickly and carefully. It is possible to choose between a flat table top stand and a stand fitted with aluminium rollers. In addition, these machines may be placed above a driven conveyor belt. These machines can seal polyethylene, polypropylene, laminate, aluminium foil, cellophane and many other different packages.


Portable Sealing Tongs

They are primarily intended as a solution in places that are difficult for a permanently installed sealer to reach or for sealing at different locations. The Portable Sealing Tongs are available with different tong lengths – 350 mm, 500 mm, 650 mm. Portable Sealing Tongs are also available in horizontal as well as vertical models.


Chamber Vacuum Sealers

Chamber Vacuum Sealers allows you to quickly and easily vacuum-pack your products. This type of sealing will increase the shelf life of products and prevents damage or corrosion.