Steel strapping tape tools

We are offering wide range of packing machines and tools, designed for steel strapping.

Manual tensioning tools:

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Manual tensioner with cutting function (sealless)

This tool is designed for work with steel strap without usage of steel seal. The joint is made by punching straps. Especially intended for strapping flat objects e.g. boxes, bricks, timber products, goods stacked on pallets, etc. The tool is adjustable for straps of the width of 13-20 mm and the thickness of 0,4-0,63 mm.

Tensioner and sealer for work with seals

Designed for industrial packing, for strapping round or irregularly shaped objects. The joint is made with seal. This type of tensioning and sealing is strong and reliable. With one tool steel strap is tensioned, while with other it is sealed. Tools are exceptionaly adapetd to width of steel strap. Detailed description of suitable seals, can be found here.

Pneumatic strapping tools

To mechanize production, we are offering efficient, powerful, reliable and comfortable to use pneumatic strapping tape tools. They fit perfectly, where compressed air is  available and speed of packing is needed. Just like manual tools, we can offer pneumatic strapping tools that joint sealless is made by punching straps and also we are offering combined strapping tools (with one tool steel strap is tensioned, while with other it is sealed).


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