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Adhesive tape

Usually adhesive tape is used to mark and stick down corrugated carton boxes and other types of packages. Specific purpose adhesive tapes are used for protection, putting together two surfaces and short-term fastening.

Adhesive tapes are being distributed according to:

  • Usable glue (Acryl, Hot-melt, Solvent)
  • Manual and automatic application of adhesive tape
  • Width: from 9 to 100 mm
  • Color: transparent, brown, other colors by spec. order
  • Material: OPP, Kraft, paper, PVC, fiber, aluminum, PE. Etc.

Acryl adhesive tape, with water based glue, has a very good adhesiveness characteristic at a positive temperature. That is economic alternative to Hot-melt and Solvent adhesive tapes. Tape based on  Acryl glue is fast growing product, because it is eco-friendly glue.

Hot-melt adhesive tape, that is based on synthetic glue, has an excellent adhesiveness characteristic. Usually hot-melt is used there, where Acryl adhesiveness is not enough, but it is not necessary to fasten too strong.

Solvent adhesive tape, that is based on natural rubber and another chemical compound mixture, has an especially excellent adhesiveness characteristic. Usually Solvent is used in very hard conditions:  low temperature, high humidity, dusty packing rooms or for surfaces with poor cohesion, etc.

For every adhesive tape, depending on the type and desirable packing efficiency, we can offer many packing machines.

Also, we can offer you to make adhesive tape with your company name and logo.

lipni juosta

Specific purpose adhesive tapes:

  • Masking tape is usually used while painting. It is designed to protect various surfaces from paint. Painting is thorough and accuracy requiring job, while quality is as important as esthetic. Masking tape is suitable for marking and covering non-painted areas, because tape sticks down accurate enough.

Dažytojų juosta

There are several types of masking tape and all of them are adapted to customer needs:

  • For general use, dedicated for painting and repairing works.
  • For painting in high temperatures
  • With UV protection, for work in low temperatures (suitable for working outdoors)
  • Resistant for humidity and UV rays
  • Easily peel off, but keeps adhesiveness for a long time


  • Adhesive masking tape with “Kraft” paper, nature friendly and suitable for recycling. Described as a good adhesiveness having tape not only in low, but also in hi temperatures.

Aliuminio folija

  • Aluminum foil – one side is covered up with glue, has a high resistance for temperatures and UV rays. Tape is used to connect ventilation ducts, insulation foam, and to seal up other materials in complicated conditions. That is an excellent isolation not only from heat, but also from humidity.

Duct tape

  • “Duct tape” – universal adhesive tape, which was found by USA army in the year of World War Two. Duct tape is easy to tear and it consists of glue and fabric. This tape is hard to peel off, resistible to humidity, sticks to many surfaces, so it rapidly became popular all over the world.


  • Filament tape, also called fastening adhesive tape, has a wide range of use. This filament tape has a fabric and fiberglass threads, placed between base and glue. This gives a high resistance against breakdown. It is mostly used for strengthening packages, stabilizing pallets and to bond separate parts.


  • Double-sided adhesive tape – suitable for fastening carpets, tiles and other coatings. Very high adhesiveness, suitable even for rough surfaces.
  • Double-sided tape with reinforcement is used as a connecting tape. Described as high adhesiveness, has a huge resistance against breakdown and peel off.
  • Double-sided tape with padding. Consists of PE foam that is coated with glue on both sides. It is used for a long-term fastening. Excellently sticks to wood, metal, glass, plastic and other surfaces. High resistance to aging, UV rays, oils and plasticizers.

mėlyna juosta

  • “Security” tape dedicated to inspect boxes. When peeling off, this tape splits (shares) into two pieces and does not sticks again. By this way, it is possible to follow, if your goods were open while traveling.



  • Warning adhesive tape. It Is being produced with BOPP or PVC films. Suitable to mark dangerous places with black and yellow or white and red stripes. This tape is made to inspect increased risk areas immediately.