Plastic pallets

Plastic pallets are most popular for sectors, where wood and paper pallets are restricted. They are optimized depending on customers needs and it is not needed to dedicate high expenses. While hygiene’s requirements in Europe’s food’s and chemical industry are growing, pallets can be chosen between multiple options:

Hygienic pallet, made from primary raw material, that meets all food’s and medicine’s industry requirements.

Multiple use pallets manufactured for industrial use, that were made by mixing primary and recycled raw materials, as a result of having solidity and optimal resistance.

One-time use pallets made by using only recycled raw materials, considering to environmental protection and cheapness of product, while maintaining high quality.

Pallets, made from plastic are more superior and effective, than others. It is easy to wash of all the dirt from plastic, they are not absorbing moisture, not rotting, safe from pests contamination.  By customer’s needs, pallets can be made even for big barrels, depending on static and dynamic loadings, possible to choose in wide range of collors or even with colorful logos.

Pallet dimensions:

Mini – 600 x 400 mm

Semi – 800 x 600mm

Euro – 1.200 x 800mm

Indu – 1.200 x 1,000 mm

Special. – up to 1219 x 1219 mm