Honeycomb carton

Honeycomb carton is being used as packing and producing material.  If thickness of honeycomb carton is appropriate, it can become as strong as steel (in comparison of load to one gram), but costs cheaper several times. The most known use of honeycomb carton – inside door fill.

Honeycomb also becoming popular as a packing material. With paper glued on both sides, this material becomes tough and reliable protection for all types of products. At the moment (now) honeycomb carton is used in paper, glass, ceramic, logistic, automatics, machinery and furniture industry. An opportunity to cut honeycomb carton into any form, allows us to perfectly protect the outside and even inside of the box. This is perfect alternative for wood, corrugated carton, edge protectors and EPS.

Especially honeycomb carton is getting popular in railway and sea  shipping industry, where it is used to fulfill spaces between pallets instead of air bags.